Saturday, September 1, 2012

Is it crap? Guidelines to clearing out clutter.

Recently I was watching a YouTube video about clearing out your clutter.  It inspired me to go into my hobby room and clear out some of mine.  In the past I have found it tricky to figure out what I should keep and what I need to get rid of.  I kept thinking, "Oh my god!  What if I need this in the future!"  It would raise a bit of worry in me.  Well, here are some guidelines that I have come up with to help you figure out what you need to get rid of.

1.  Think about your long term goals in life.  How do you want to be in the future?  How do you picture your future self?  If the item does not help achieve your long-term goals, chuck it!

2.  If it doesn't inspire you, chuck it!

3.  If you do not use something often and you know that someone else will give it a better home, chuck it!

4.  Stop keeping things b/c someone bought it for you and you feel bad you have not used it.  Give better guidelines to friends/family of what you really want.

5.  Stop keeping things b/c YOU bought it and you feel bad that it hasn't been used.  People make mistakes and buy things they really don't need.  One of the best ways we learn is by making mistakes so just be more careful in the future.

So now that you have some guidelines, I will present to you how I went through these in order to further your understanding.

1.  These are things I want for my future self:  an eco-friendly life, a clean home, good physical/mental/spiritual health, a wonderful love life, a family, a job, a frugal life, and a non-materialistic life.  

So when I came across my bobbin for spinning yarn, a couple of spinning books, and fiber to spin, I let them go.  I let them go not b/c I don't want hobbies (good for the mental health), but b/c I already have enough hobbies. If I want to achieve all my goals, I need to let go of a hobby that I really haven't even started and focus on the ones I love already.

2.  If I found yarn or a book I really didn't like, I chucked it.  If I found a knitting pattern book where I liked maybe 1 pattern b/c it inspired me, but not the other 10, I copied the pattern and put the book in the pile.

3.  I have tea cups that I think are so cute but I never use them.  I know someone else will.  

4.  I have a recipe book that someone bought for me.  They thought I would like it and I never use it.  Chucked!

5.  Most of the knitting books I'm getting rid of, I bought.  It was back when I first started knitting and I wanted every book I could get my hands on.  I'm human and make mistakes.  Chucked!

Well, I hope this helps you clear some of your clutter.  I know for me, clutter makes me unhappy.  I don't like the site of it.  So in doing this, you will probably feel happier when you can see the floor better, learn from your mistakes, and realize how blessed/thankful you are for being able to have those things.  Now it is time for the item to move on and find a better home.  

Good luck and have a bright day filled with joy!