Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baskets Everywhere!

I love baskets.  They have so many uses, they look nice, they come in all sorts of sizes, and you can buy them for really cheap if you look in the right places and at the right times.  So here is my dedication to them, a blog entry.  

 Different Uses for Baskets

1.  Under End Tables
Place them under end tables to hold all of your crap, I mean stuff.  :)  I have one under each of my end tables in my living room.  They hold pens, pencils, playing cards, cup holders, and remotes.  As a result, I've realized how little I use those things and I should really just put them somewhere else.  

2.  Next to a Printer
You can put extra printer paper inside the basket or paper that you printed off but intend on recycling later on.

3. As a Hamper
I separate most of my clothes into three linen bags which is the standard number of laundry bags for a laundry sorter.  I found that I needed a 4th one to put clothes that need extra special care (i.e. hand wash only) so a basket was my solution to just throwing the clothes on the floor.

4.  A Place to empty your pockets
I use a basket on top of my husband's end table on his side of the bed.  It's fine if he empties his pockets but I want everything in one small basket so it looks neater.  

5.  On Closet Shelves
I use one for putting my husband's handkerchiefs in, one in the winter time to put winter hats into and another I use to put winter mittens/gloves into. 

6.  Flower Girl Basket
I bought one for my wedding, lined it with cloth and glued it with ribbon. 

7.  Tool Holder
I use a shallow but wide basket to put my garden tools in when I take them outside.  

8.  A Seasonal Organizer
I have one I put all of our suntan lotion and bug spray in.  In the winter it hides underneath our sink and in the summer time I bring it back out.

Some Places to Buy Baskets
1.  Salvation Army/Goodwill
You are bound to find a basket for less than $5 at either one of these stores so I would recommend going to them first.

2.  Michael's/Jo Ann Fabrics/Hobby Lobby
You are bound to find baskets here too but not for so cheap unless you get them on sale which does happen on a fairly regular basis. 

3.  Wal-Mart/Target
You can find baskets here but again, not as cheap as you would at Salvation Army or Goodwill. 

Of course, there are many more uses and places for baskets but I'll just end it there.  I hope this gets your brain thinking.  The next time you receive a gift basket, try to think of a way of using that beautiful basket before you decide to throw it out.

As usual, I cannot end this blog without throwing in some pictures I've taken since my last blog.  These are from the Museum of Science and Industry.  My brother and I try to venture downtown to a museum at least once a year. The first picture is from their Science Storms exhibit. 
The second picture is from their U-505 submarine exhibit.  Every time my brother and I go over there we find something else we have not seen.  This museum holds a lot more than you would think staring at it from the outside.  I highly recommend making it out there some day.  Did I mention they have a Dr. Seuss exhibit right now?

My next trip downtown I intend on going to the Field Museum.  They have a chocolate exhibit until January 8th.  Enough said.   

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  1. The Chocolate Exhibit is pretty cool. Very informative. :)