Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life as of Late

Hello ladies and gentleman.  I haven't posted lately because I felt I had nothing much to offer.  I feel I need to offer something to make this blog worth your time.  Anyway, on to things I've done lately.

Over the weekend I went to the Morton Arboretum with my friend.  The weather was perfect and made for some of the best pictures I've had in a while.  Here's a bit of a feast for the eyes.  I love the bright blue sky in the background of this picture.  I also love how you can see that trees seem to change color from the top down.  The leaves need sun to change so I think that is part of the reason.
 I love this photo b/c I simply just love pictures of bodies of water.

 I love all the green in this photo.  So much green for fall.  You wouldn't even know it were fall in this photo if you were to just glance at this one.
 I love how I captured the way the sun was lighting up the leaves.  Very bright.
Lastly, I had to take a picture of my favorite tree the Ginkgo.  I love it just because it has very unique leaves.  I like this picture particularly because of the detail you see in the leaf.

This past week I also finished my tote bag that I sewed. I think it is super cute and summery.  I like it because I put lining and an inner pocket inside.  I think I will use it as a knitting bag to put a project in.  I've recently taken up sewing and I decided I'm going to make my own Halloween costume.  I just hope I get it done.

Well, lastly, I want to offer something to all of you.  I was looking at Yahoo! and I came across this article.
I knew some of the things mentioned.  I would also like to add that you can take your ink cartridges to Best Buy and to some libraries.  Some cartridges even come with an envelope so that you can send your old one back to the company.  I love when things are made easier.  With that article this website will help too.  It gives you further information on recycling hazardous materials.  Well, have a lovely day.  Enjoy the sunny days while they are still here.

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