Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here is a topic I need to address: voting.  I voted for the primaries and the final elections in 2008.  I did some research on the candidates and voted accordingly.  This November is another election for some of the Senate seats.  People are really trying to encourage younger voters to vote.  I think that is a good idea and I would vote except for one fact.  I know nothing about the people in the Senate.  I'll admit, I ignore the news a lot of the time because it's boring and depressing usually but I don't feel comfortable voting unless I know what or who I am voting for.  How can you encourage people to vote when most people in this country are pretty clueless as to what certain people do in the goverment?  The only time people are fully aware of anyone is if they do something bad i.e. Blagovich.  Now you can try to do some research.  I've done that but I still felt uneasy.  All I read about was what the media puts out there or what was on the person's website which, in my opinion, are really skewed sometimes.  It also helps if you have some core beliefs that you feel need to be a part of the person you're voting for. 
So I am curious.  Does anyone else feel uneasy about voting?  How do you figure who you want to vote for?  Maybe I haven't thought of something yet. 

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