Monday, September 20, 2010

Want a book?

I have three useful websites for books. - For a fairly cheap price you can download audio books.  I like this b/c I like to run and knit while I listen. - You can exchange books for free with other people.  Every time you give a book to someone, you get a point.  Anytime you receive a book, you lose a point.  You do have to pay for shipping but the idea is that it will be made up when someone ships a book to you.

Lastly, your local library website.  You can get audio books, regular books, movies, and music all for free.  Often you can reserve a copy, look for items in the online database and renew your checkout on the website.  Even if a library does not have a book you can have it shipped from another library.  I know on my libary's website I can even download audio books online.  I'm trying to get into the habit of using them more often b/c it will save me lots of money so make sure you support your local library because it is a great resource.

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